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I’m originally from mid Wales but I now live in SW London. Until a few years ago, I was a civil servant but developed degenerative and chronic joint pain which led to me giving up desk-based work. That’s where writing came in.

While laid up after an operation, I’d read a mainstream effort at a rugby-based romance and was so annoyed at all the clichés they used, and the lack of actual rugby action in the novel, I felt I had to do something for a proper rugby or sports follower. I wanted to write something that I wanted to read, with strong, realistic and likeable characters that wouldn’t make me want to slap them silly.

The local rugby club is also such a rich area for socialising, with all the different teams, from the professional 1st XV to the creaking Vets, to the youngster Minis and ebullient women’s team. I’d hear so many stories about what people were getting up to, saw so many couples getting together, and I wondered, what if…

When not at the rugby or dreaming up another plot, I’m a keen road cyclist and can be found pedalling around the Surrey Hills trying to not annoy the locals. As I lost my mobility, cycling became my lifeline, as it is for a surprising amount of ex-rugby players with joint problems, due to its low-impact nature.  I’ll often go for a ride and pop to see a local club match on my way home, if I have enough layers with me to keep warm!

Both activities mean I meet some great people; some of the friendliest, most helpful and generous people in the UK inhabit both scenes. I hope that they and you will enjoy reading my Scarlet Series novels.

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