noun: coincidence; plural noun: coincidences; noun: co-incidence; plural noun: co-incidences
  1. 1.
    a remarkable concurrence of events or circumstances without apparent causal connection.
    “it was a coincidence that she was wearing a jersey like Laura’s”
    synonyms: accident, chance, serendipity, fate, a twist of fate, destiny, fortuity, fortune, providence, freak, hazard; More

    a piece of good fortune, (a bit of) luck, (a bit of) good luck, a fluke, a happy chance;
    “the resemblances are too close to be mere coincidence”
  2. 2.
    the fact of corresponding in nature or in time of occurrence.
    “the coincidence of interest between the mining companies and certain politicians”
    synonyms: co-occurrence, coexistence, conjunction, simultaneity, simultaneousness, contemporaneity, contemporaneousness, concomitance, synchronicity, synchrony;

Earlier this evening, I came across something which made me think. I’ve been finishing off a short story for the Literotica Winter Holiday Contest, and was reviewing the description of the characters. Then, as part of a break, I was reading Golden Angel’s latest blog posts and realised something:

Our Dommes had the same colour hair. They were both redheads.

Now, I know this is a minor coincidence as my Domme Lindsay was featured in Playing For Keeps, and even though it’s only recently been published, most of that novel was written over a year before I had started to read Golden Angel’s excellent Venus and Stronghold series, but it still made me jump.

It reminded me of another coincidence: the first rugby match I saw after the publishing of Playing For Keeps had a Tom at 8 and a scrum half called Alex. Weird, huh?

I’ve had a house guest staying with me for a few days, a young rugby player. I’ve been asking him questions for research purposes and he’s been telling me of things he’s heard, and got up to. Recently, he told me about a new physio at another team who’d already been seduced by a handful of players…shortly after I’d drafted out a similar storyline. This Sunday, he mentioned the MFM orgy he’d had on Saturday night…while  since Friday, I’ve been immersed in writing my first MFM story.

As I mentioned in It’s really not about you…honest!, these things happen, and usually make me laugh. But every now and again a chill runs down my back, what if someone thinks it’s a lack of creativity? Speaking with other writers, some admit to refusing to read another writer’s novels while they’re plotting, as they’re afraid to unintentionally plagiarise. I’m hoping there’s enough new material in my brain to not do that, but coincidences will still happen.