Hello, and welcome to the World of Harford Scarlet!

The first novel in my Harford Scarlet series, Playing For Keeps, will shortly be published by Xcite. Yay!

If you’re coming here because you enjoyed PFK, please leave a comment below, as my ego can’t be stroked enough. *winky thing* If you didn’t, let me know exactly why.

The second novel, Playing Around is currently with my fabulous editor, and will hopefully be out soon. I’m currently working on the third, fourth and fifth. Woohoo!

I’ll be publishing some short stories and excerpts on here in the next few months, so please bookmark and keep coming back.

If you want to know more about me, there’s a little bit in the ‘About Me’ section on the top right. Or tweet me @Toria_Lyons, I’d love to hear from you.